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How to change the battery of Mercedes-Benz key?


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How to change the battery of Mercedes-Benz ke?
Regarding how to change the battery of Mercedes-Benz's car key, although you may have known it when you bought the car, let's popularize it again today! It is actually very simple, look at the following steps:
1. Before replacing, it is best to first understand the model of your car key battery. This is usually written in the vehicle user manual, and then select the new key battery according to the specified model.

2. Push the switch up from the tail of the key, the hidden mechanical key will pop up a little, and then you can take out the mechanical key.

3. At the tail of the key, use the mechanical key just taken out to hold the position of the logo, and gently press down firmly to open the key shell.

4. After removing the key shell, take out the old battery.

5. Replace with a new battery. It should be noted that the positive and negative poles of the battery cannot be reversed. Then insert the top of the case first, and then press firmly on the other end to replace the battery. Don't forget to install the mechanical key.