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The history of car key evolution: the ultimate form has arrived?

The century-old development history of automobiles is also a bitter history of the development of "anti-theft" of automobiles. "Stealing cars" has become an important part of the car culture. There are countless "stealing car" bridges in the movie and TV series: the protagonist pulls the wire from the steering wheel and gently hits it. While watching the bad guy approaching, he reads "Hurry up". The car started when the accident happened, and the protagonist fled with the stolen car.
Under the tension, the respect for the protagonist has increased by a few points.
Hey~ if there is! Then you’re being directed by the director again!
When we mastered enough knowledge of car theory, we found that such a "stealing a car" is very unscientific!
In the movie, the protagonist's wiring hits, and the wire pulled from under the steering wheel is actually the relay power cord of the starter. This is the same principle as inserting a key to ignite. The collision between the wire and the wire will generate an instantaneous high voltage, which is equivalent to twisting the key to ignite and can start the starter instantly.

Thirty years ago, a car leaning on this street full of craftsmanship could drive away. But today is different.Most cars now have multiple anti-theft measures such as ECU anti-theft, electronic engine anti-theft, and steering wheel lock. The wiring is on fire~ It is almost impossible to achieve...
More than ten years ago, the chip anti-theft key was nothing new. Simply put, there is a chip in the key, and the chip and the trip computer verify each other. Some anti-theft mechanisms are still rolling passwords. If you want to skip the key authentication and directly connect the ignition starter, the ECU will automatically lock the engine. Even if the wiring is successful, because you don’t have the unlock key, the steering wheel will be locked,It's hard for you to move.

However, the problem is coming. What should I do if I lose the smart key that matches the car one-to-one?Tell you, you can match! However, redistributing this key is more troublesome and requires a professional team to decode and reprogram you. A car without a chip key is easy to lose; with a chip key, the key is lost and the car cannot be driven again. You can't lock a shared bicycle anti-theft on the wheels!

So a more advanced cloud key was born! What is a cloud key? Do you have a smartphone! You can connect to the mobile network! With the next app, you can use your phone as a key! The manufacturer saves your identity information in the cloud, and you can log in to the cloud account through the APP to unlock, start, and even remotely control the vehicle through the mobile phone. However, the cloud key also has the inconvenience that it requires a network connection when unlocking and starting the car. If there is no network, your request cannot be verified in the cloud, and the vehicle cannot be started.

Everyone knows,Basement, parking lot, wilderness and wilderness... Signals are often not good. What can I do if the phone can't start the car at the critical moment? Don't panic~ engineers have long thought of solutions. Isn’t it just not going online? Have a mobile phone! Bluetooth has it! Put your phone and car into a Bluetooth connection, don’t you need to connect to the Internet?
So the more powerful Bluetooth key was born! Connecting the vehicle with a Bluetooth phone is as convenient as connecting a Bluetooth headset. Download the APP and find the vehicle to be certified. Just wait a few seconds near the keyhole, and the phone will change the car key in seconds. The whole family no longer has to worry about grabbing car keys.
It can be said that the birth of the Bluetooth key really allows car owners to say goodbye to past physical keys. But this Bluetooth key is not the most powerful product yet. The current ultimate form of car keys is NFC.
Many smart phones are now compatible with NFC! NFC is also called near field communication. By integrating the card reader, proximity card, and point-to-point communication function on the mobile phone chip, you can turn your mobile phone into a subway card, access control card, ID card, bank card... The key is not difficult!
Imagine that someone is pulling the key. You can swipe your phone near the sensing area of the rearview mirror to unlock the door and start the vehicle in seconds. This is so crazy! Moreover, even if the mobile phone holds the screen and the power is low,Even when some models are powered off, the owner can quickly unlock and start the vehicle.
When you go out in the morning, you forget to bring your wallet and car keys, you forget to bring your house keys... you can never forget to bring your mobile phone. With NFC keys, car owners can not only say goodbye to car keys forever, but also say goodbye to annoying wallets. Realize "one machine goes to the world"!