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What should I do if I forget to lock the key in the car?


Our usual doors need keys, bicycles need keys, and cars need keys. But in life, we can always see the news, for example, the driver left the key in the car, and the driver lost the key. Frequently encountered such a situation, the driver is overwhelmed and overwhelmed. So today the old driver will take you to share three tips.


The first and easiest way is to use the spare key of the car. When people buy cars early, the 4s store will give us two keys, one of which is used for backup to prevent unexpected needs. So when we get the spare key, we must put it in a designated place, and remember. And don’t lose the QR code and a series of numbers on the spare key. Because if the car key is really lost, you can match the same key with this string of numbers and QR code. However, some car owners will still lose the spare key, so we can only use the next two methods.

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The second method is to look at the seal inside the car. The windows are covered with sealing strips. In fact, this can be opened. When we open the sealing strip, we will see a small gap. At this time, we take a wire or a hook and just hook the car key out of the car. But be careful in this process. But because the gap is too small, sometimes the car key is placed far away, or the volume of the car key is already larger than the gap of the window, so the car key cannot be taken out at this time.


So for the third method, we need to take a string of tape. Then stick the tape to the edge of the window, and then pull the tape firmly. At this time, we will find that under the effect of the tape and its own pulling force, the buttons in the window will pop up by themselves. In this way, the window can be opened, and then a gap will appear, but this gap is much larger than the gap of the sealing strip, so we just take a wire and hook the key out of the car.