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Direct fire too hurt the car! See how to start the car with the car key correctly?


Many drivers have a habit of inserting a key to directly light a fire. This may seem to save time, but it really ruins the car. Because of the neglect of the self-checking function of the trip computer, even the now popular one-click start system, do not immediately start a fire, otherwise it will not only burn the battery and engine, but also bring many other safety hazards!


Instantly stay in each gear for about 1~2 seconds


After the car key is inserted into the ignition switch, stay in each gear for an instant of about 1 to 2 seconds. At this time, you can hear the sound of the electronic device being energized, and the oil pump will have a slight whine or oil sound when the oil pressure is established. After the sound disappears, or 10 seconds later, and then enter the next gear, pause for a while, then just hit the car.


Keyless start


If it is a keyless start, first press lightly after getting on the car to turn on the power. At this time, the indicator light does not turn on, just turn on the audio power, and then gently press the second time, the instrument panel light turns on equivalent to the ON position Position, the oil pump builds up the oil pressure, and so on at this time, etc., about 5~10 seconds, let the oil pump fully establish the oil pressure to start, the computer self-check of each part is completed, if the icon is always on, it means that part of the car If something goes wrong, it should be repaired in time instead of continuing to use. One-key vehicle self-test, without pressing the brake, press the start button, the vehicle is powered on and starts self-test. The dashboard icon lights up, and the icon goes out Then press the brake to start the vehicle.

 the car key

Insert the car key and it won't twist


Some car owners can't twist after inserting the car key, but with a little force, they didn't expect to break the key. In fact, this can't turn with the steering wheel. It is necessary to retreat as the advance, twist the key and turn it in the opposite direction. However, if the inserted key cannot be turned, do not twist it hard. You can turn the key while turning the steering wheel, which can easily solve this problem.