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Hidden Functions Of Car Keys


For car keys, opening and locking doors is a basic operation, and it also has some hidden functions, which can help a lot at critical moments.

1. The car key can close the window after the flame is turned off

Owners sometimes do not pay attention to forget to close the window after parking. If they want to restart and close the window, just long press the lock button on the car key, and the window can be closed without getting on the car.

2. Remote window control

After the car is parked for a long time, the air in the car can be imagined. Especially now it is more like summer than summer. The inside of the car is hot and hot.

At this time, long-press the car key to unlock the remote control to open the window can come in handy, ventilate the car in advance to dissipate heat, and then get on the car is more comfortable.