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What If your BMW's Smart Sensor Key Suddenly Fail?


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Why did BMW's smart sensor key suddenly fail?

If your BMW key fails, you can follow the steps below to check.
1. Determine whether the battery has power. If the battery has power, you need to consider whether it is poor contact.
2. Is there water ingress? If the water enters, causing a short circuit of the battery, you can go to the 4S shop to replace the battery and key shell.
3. Intelligent induction key. Check if the key is hit or dropped, and then go to the 4S shop for repair.If your key is an intelligent induction key, it uses a rechargeable battery, and the vehicle will automatically charge the induction key during driving. The average car owner needs to replace the battery after about three to five years of use.

Since the key shell produced by the factory is a welded key shell, when we replace the battery of the BMW induction key, the BMW induction key shell needs to be forcibly dismantled.

Please be as careful as possible when breaking the BMW induction key. In case the inner chip circuit board of the BMW sensor key is unfortunately broken, you will lose more maintenance costs.

It is recommended that friends still find a professional to replace the battery of the car key shell and BMW induction key, because the technology of BMW professional service personnel is more guaranteed.