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The Car Key Shell Is Replaceable


car key shell

The plastic key shell of your car can be replaced at the store where the car key is equipped. If you can remove the key shell yourself, you can also buy a key shell for replacement online.

There are mainly two types of car keys, mechanical keys and remote keys, all of which can be matched and replaced. The replacement of the remote control key only needs to match the vehicle signal, and there is no need to replace the car lock.

The replacement of the mechanical key requires the replacement of the lock of the entire car. The cost is relatively high. Different car prices are different, ranging from several thousand yuan to tens of thousands of yuan.

Components of car keys

1. Chip

If the car can't catch fire after the key shell is modified, the chip must not be taken out. There is an induction collar inside the chip, which is automatically charged. Different cars have different chips, so be careful when picking up chips when refitting.

2. Remote control

It also has a key shell.

3. Metal head
All modified key shells are given a new metal head, but the owner must go to the place where the key is equipped for opening.