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Car smart key modification strategy


For those models that still use traditional keys, if you want to retrofit the smart key later, it is not simply a matter of tampering with the key. A series of modifications to the starting system of the original car are required.

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It takes about 60-70 minutes to modify the smart key to start the system later. The technician will first remove the decorative panel of the original car, find the installation position of the host, and then use a special bracket to fix the host, and connect the system's host startup group and power plug to the original car's lock. The power supply and start-up circuits have been installed. During the modification, the technician needs to disassemble the decorative panel under the instrument panel, find the plug of the original car's "multi-channel controller", and connect the host's cable to the original car one by one. As this "surgery" involves the original car circuit, it is recommended that the owner choose to return to the original 4S shop for modification.
Regardless of whether it is a car folding key modification or a smart key modification, the owner of the car must choose a regular car repair shop when performing the car key modification, so that the modified car key will have quality assurance. After all, the car key serves as the "small heart" of the car. Its importance cannot be ignored.