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If the car key is lost, the original key data should be cleared in time

The most worrying thing about losing the car key is that the key was picked up by someone who tried to steal the contents and even the vehicle. Therefore, when the owner finds the lost car key, he should go to the 4S shop as soon as possible to perform key matching, clear the key data originally stored in the on-board computer, and then re-match the spare key through online diagnosis. However, 4S stores are charged according to the number of matching times, and each matching key data requires a matching fee.
After this treatment, the previously lost key is invalidated, and the vehicle cannot be started, but the vehicle door mechanical lock can still be opened, and there is still a certain risk. Therefore, the most reliable way is to replace the car lock together.
Therefore, in addition to clearing the original key data at the 4S shop, the owner should also call the insurance company for the record and understand the relevant compensation details of the theft of the vehicle to prevent the lack of evidence of the claim after the vehicle theft. However, with the new key is not covered by the insurance company's claims, the cost has to be paid by the owner himself.