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Don't rush to forget the car key in the car, remember these tips


The emergence of cars makes our travel more convenient, but in addition, cars are also a consumable, especially in the process of use will inevitably cause some failures, and at this time some owners do not know what to do for a while, except In addition, there are also some car owners who are more nervous and sometimes even lock their car keys in the car. At this time, many people are really distressed.

And everyone should know that we ca n’t drive without a car key. Basically, the first way many people think of at this time is to smash the window glass of a car or find a professional to unlock it. However, the price is still relatively high. For example, it is to find the unlocking personnel, and even be asked for more than 300 yuan for the unlocking fee, and after unlocking, we have to go to the relevant department to set the lost key. It is an illegal key so that no one else can open our car.

At this time, some old drivers also expressed their views. These old drivers believe that if everyone's car key is in the car, they can open the trunk of the car, and basically, after we open the trunk, we can Find a small button, so that you can open the door through the trunk channel, and some owners are more curious at this time, because the trunk of their car is not inductive, so this method is not desirable, so we come Look at the second one.

The second method is also very good. For example, there is basically a horizontal rubber under the glass on the left side of our door. If there is this rubber, we only need to take out the rubber strip and then find another one. The harder iron wire passes through this place, pull the lever inside to pull the door, and the door can be opened, and the test method will take less than 10 minutes, which is really very much for many car owners. It's good, and it's very simple, and it can save a lot of money.

In contrast to the third method, it can only find professional unlockers. Although it costs hundreds of dollars at this time, it is also very good compared to smashing the car glass. And to be honest, many car owners now can To avoid this situation, you will choose to bring two keys, one at home and one in the car. This way, even if you accidentally put the car key inside, there is a complete solution.