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How many keys does a car usually have?

Cars usually have two keys, one is spare and the other is usually used.

Handling method of lost car key:

1. If it is determined that the key is not stolen, you can go to a 4S shop or auto parts city to get a key if you lose it at a place where parking is not frequent. The depot wants your vehicle and owner's ID. Depending on the vehicle model, the maintenance station requires the owner to provide a 17-digit anti-theft password with a car key. After obtaining the anti-theft password, the car maintenance station will assign a metal key to the vehicle owner. The lost key will also be set as an illegal key by modifying the computer parameters The lost key can physically open the door, but cannot start the vehicle. This way the price is lower, from hundreds to thousands depending on the model.

2. If it is 100% safe, go to the 4S shop or go to the auto parts city repair station to replace the vehicle lock. Depending on the model of the car, the locks that need to be replaced vary, and prices can range from a few thousand to tens of thousands.