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A few unpopular knowledge of car keys, the third one is very useful, let's find out

Cars are a very important means of travel in our daily life. With cars, many people choose to travel by car. The car key on the car is the key to starting the car, so the car key is very important. You must keep the car key wherever you go. In addition to starting the car, the car key also has these practical functions. Do you know the following five functions of the car key?

1.Open the car window remotely

The temperature in summer is very high, especially after the car is parked outside for a long time in the sun, the inside of the car is like a grill in a sealed environment, and the heat is unbearable. At this time, you need to open the window remotely to cool down in time, and you won't feel so hot after getting in the car after a few minutes. Long press the unlock button for a few seconds, the four windows of the car will open together, and the temperature in the car will soon drop, which is very convenient. This function of the car key is very useful in summer, but it is also very practical in normal times.

2.Open the trunk automatically

Car trunk is a very important place to store things, especially when traveling, you can put all your luggage in the trunk. When you have a lot of things in your hand and it is inconvenient to open the trunk, you can open the trunk by long pressing the unlock key of the trunk, so you do n’t have to hold a lot of things to open the trunk, which is more convenient. Some cars may require a double-click to open the trunk.

3.Close the window after flameout

The car key can not only open the window remotely, but also close the window. Many people often forget that the windows of their cars are still open after they stop parking. Having to return to the car and start the car to close the windows is more troublesome. In fact, when everyone finds that the car window is not closed after getting out of the car, as long as the door closing button on the car key is pressed, the window can be closed, which is very convenient, saves a lot of trouble and saves time.

4.Open the cab door only

When we don't want to open the front passenger and rear seat doors, we only need to press the car key, and we will only open the door of the cab. And for girls, it ’s safer to just open the door of the cab, because the girl is dangerous outside alone. Just opening the door of the cab can prevent criminals from trailing into the car from the back seat or the first officer.

5.Find a car in the parking lot

The parking lots in the city are relatively large, and you may remember where you parked your car when you parked. But when you go back to drive, you will forget where your car is parked, so you do n’t have to panic. In fact, there are trumpet-shaped buttons on the car keys. As long as you press the button, the car will scream, so that everyone can find their car. It also has a distress function. If there is a bad person approaching, everyone can let the car continue to honk to attract others' attention and save yourself at a critical moment.