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What are the hidden functions in the car remote key?


We know that the most basic function of a key is unlocking, the old saying goes: a key unlocks a lock. That's the truth. The same is true for car keys, but many remote control keys used in cars today are also called smart keys. Even small cars with tens of thousands of dollars also have keyless entry and one-key activation. This key has functions such as opening the door lock, starting the car, and anti-theft, and it looks like a remote control. It usually enters the car and starts the car without pulling it out. It can be directly operated. Therefore, many people hang it around their waists and ignore it. But, did you know that there are many hidden functions inside it! What are these functions?

First, close the windows after the flameout: This situation will not delay time (especially in the case of being late immediately), and there is still some wear and tear on the engine. Here the editor tells you a "small function" of the remote control key, long press the lock button on the remote control key, you can close the window. This function may be equipped even on ordinary household cars with hundreds of thousands.

Second, Finding a car in the parking lot: Some car keys have a dedicated car search button, and some vehicles press the lock button twice (or more) in succession, and the car will use very harsh whistle and shiny Double flashing tells you where it is, so you can quickly find your car in places with more cars. Or if you encounter trouble or danger in a dim underground parking lot, you can ask for help in this way.

Third, the automatic opening of the trunk: Many models of the remote control key will have a button to open the trunk, (it can be said that most models are equipped with this function as standard) long press the trunk unlock button (some cars are double-click ), The trunk will open automatically. If you just happen to be shopping from the supermarket and you have a large bag in your hand, it will be very practical at this time, and it can provide a lot of convenience with one click.

Fourth, child safety lock: If you have a child, you must take a good look at this function, especially for active children, there is still an unsafe factor in simply locking the car. If you are going out with young children, it is best to use a child safety lock-most of it is located on the back door of the car, and some require your mechanical key to lock it. Locking the door in this way cannot be opened from the inside; while you outside the car, you can open the door with a pull, which is convenient for taking care of your children at any time.

Fifth, only open the cab door: In some cars, pressing the remote control key to open the cab door will only open the cab door; press twice to unlock all doors. Especially for female car owners, having this function can prevent rogues from following the car from the co-pilot or the back seat in a remote parking lot.