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Three key functions of car keys

The car key is no longer a simple car key, but to solve some of our motorists' troubles at all times. For most people, they can use it directly after buying a car. Few people are really patient and take a look at the thick manual of the car. So what are the functions of a car key?
1. Car key search function: The car search function is to use the remote control or alarm device. After pressing the button, the car's horn will ring, and the double flashing lights will also flash, which is convenient for finding your car in more places. Careful owners may find that there are three buttons on the car key, one is unlock, one is locked, and the other is the trunk.

2. Close the window after turning off the car with the car key: save the trouble of restarting the car and find that the window is not closed after turning off the car. Generally, you will restart and then close the window In fact, such continuous ignition and flameout is also a burden on the engine and will shorten the life of the engine. This situation can be solved with the remote control key. After getting out of the car, press and hold the lock button to close the four windows remotely. This is a very convenient and high-frequency function.

3. Use the car key to open the trunk automatically: There is a button to open the trunk on the car remote control key. If you just happen to shop in the supermarket and have a large bag of things in hand-have you tried it, in fact, long press the trunk unlock key Some cars double-click), and the trunk will pop open automatically.