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Introduction to the basic types and shapes of car keys


Types of car lock keys From the appearance and shape, car keys are roughly divided into four types:

1. Double-sided external teeth key: This is a common car key. There are teeth on both sides of the key. Except for the introduction of car unlocking technology training, most cars are this kind of key.

2. One-sided external tooth key: This type of key has tooth flower on one side and light board on the other. This lock length is installed on domestic trucks and jeep. Imported cars such as the Buick series, Cadillac series, and Pantic series are also keys of this shape, but the structure of the locks is very different, and this issue is described separately in this article.

3, embossed key: This key is named because the key tooth flower is carved on the key board like a relief, it can be divided into the following types:
(1) Outer embossed key (also called outer milling groove): The keystone of this key is carved in four directions near the outside of the key board (top left, bottom left, top right, bottom right). For example, some models of the Mercedes-Benz series and BMW series cars and Hyundai Ssangyong.
(2) Internally embossed key (also called internal milling slot). The teeth of this key are carved in four directions near the inside of the key plate, like Lexus and Honda mileage cars.

(3) One-sided embossed key, which is similar to the inside and outside embossed keys. The key plate is engraved with key teeth on one side, and the other side is a light plate, like Prince Daewoo, Hyundai King 3, 0 and Mercedes Certain models of cars in the series.

4, special-shaped car keys: This type of key is rare, used in Ford Transit, Ford Mondeo, Jaguar and other cars.

Through the introduction above, we must know what brand of cars are equipped with what type of keys, grasp what methods are used for various car locks, and understand which car fast-opening tools can be used to achieve the purpose of opening, so that we have a good idea. In this way, you can do more with less, and the opening effect is good!