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Common, Simple Repairs

A new key fob can set you back $100, easily, especially if you have a more complex unit. Most smart key fob repairs will cost you far less. Perhaps the most common problem is that of a weak or dead battery. Opening up your unit and replacing the batteries yourself only takes a moment. Another common problem is case damage. You drop your key and the shell cracks. You could tape it back together, or you can go get a new one from your dealership, or you can save a ton of money by simply buying a new case and transferring the contents. Even better, get a protective cover at the same time and you won't have to worry the next time you drop your remote. Replacing the rubber buttons is also a possibility. Wear and tear can result in poor contact or even missing buttons making your controller useless. With the right replacement keyless entry's buttons, you can make a simple repair and save big.