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Do you know the range of car remote key?

Owners can use the locked car after getting off the car, but how far this distance can be extended, each brand of car is different. Therefore, in the impression of people, they should not be too far away from their cars, maybe beyond the limit, and the remote control function naturally disappeared. It is very convenient to control the car within a certain distance.

Today we come to talk about common knowledge about car remote control keys, interested owners can come and watch.
The Limits of Car Remote Keys: Principles
1. It is mainly composed of a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter is also a remote control key, and the car is also a receiver.

2. The key to car remote control is to use the wave transmission principle to remotely control the electronic equipment on the car;

3. The antenna above the car is responsible for receiving the radio wave signal from the remote control key;

4. The antenna can receive signals and conduct electrons;

5. The ECU is also the center code that can identify the electromagnetic wave signal, and the deciphering identification matches the car key;

6. Only equipped with the car's electronic system, the remote control key can also control the car's functions.

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