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Car keys locked in the car, only to break the window, please?

When driving basically everyone will encounter some unexpected situation, for example, the car suddenly open to the general had no oil, at this time of the solution can only be to the gas station nearby, and the car to a half suddenly broke down, in addition to call emergency maintenance is no other way, as if there are more common, that is all have locked the door and found the car key lock inside the car, what is this? Believe the first reaction of many comrades is: that have no way, have to break window window to take a key only, but this way loss but very big, still have no other way? Older drivers may use these tricks.

Old drivers are given the first method is through the trunk to get the key, because the key to the car now is not the old form, as long as we can, within the scope of the induction to the trunk can be opened, opened the trunk, after general motors inside the trunk and the car will have a "door", if you can't pass, can call to your child try to climb over to get the key. This is a way of saying that the loss is relatively small.

If the above doesn't work this way, there is a way to cost is lower, but not all of the car, that is to have a look at your car have a corresponding APP can intelligent remote control, if you can, through the client can easily open the door, of course, in this way seems not so common in today's automobile market.

If you can't get the key in either of the above methods, you may have to take the most primitive method of breaking the glass. Of course, at this time, you should also pay attention to where the key is in the car. Don't break the window but still can't reach the key.

It is troublesome to leave the keys in the car, so I still hope that you can pay more attention to the use of the car, do not cause serious economic losses because of a little negligence.