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  • The car key has gradually developed from a traditional mechanical key to a remote control key.


  • What should I do if I suddenly find that my car key is useless? Below are the possible trouble spots.


  • Stores that provide car keys can change the car key shell. If you know how to open the shell, you can also buy a shell online and change it yourself.


  • The working principle of the remote control car key is to send out a weak electric wave from the key, the electric wave signal is received by the car antenna, the signal code is recognized by the electronic controller ECU, and then the actuator of the system executes the opening/closing action. The system is mainly composed of transmitter and receiver.


  • Car key problem: In daily use of the car, the car key will be out of power. Pay attention to the use of the car key when driving. Lock the car and drive closer. The longer the remote control distance, the greater the power consumption. Lock the car Do not press the remote control key multiple times to lock the car.


  • The car key is small, completely inconsistent, the simplest car key may only have 2 buttons, commonly 3-4 buttons, however, the function of the car key is no longer limited to lock or unlock the car, with the times And the development of science and technology, a small car key is also given a lot of functions, which can bring comfort and convenience to the owner, and we list the most common four hidden features, and they are better than one, go Try you there.